Our Approch

It is a pleasure to care for your children and provide them with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. As childcare professionals, we welcome and encourage parent involvement. We strive to work together with families to better meet the needs of all children here at Calgary Childcare Centre.

Our Mission Statement

To work together with parents in helping to prepare their children socially, cognitively, morally, academically and culturally in the present to best benefit to their future.


Arranging childcare that is best for your child and your family is a great concern for you as we understand. As a parent you have a responsibility of selecting the most appropriate Daycare facility to meet your child’s and your family’s needs. We are confident that Calgary Childcare Centre is the right place for your child as we reflect a positive, structured, safe and happy environment. Our employees are qualified with either a child development assistant, worker or supervisor certification and currently hold and keep up to date with First Aid/ CPR certification. All employees have and must obtain a criminal record check upon hiring. Our caregivers regularly attend seminars, workshops and health courses to educate themselves as best they can and keep up to date on the latest information in childcare. We have rules, procedures, and policies that our employees are knowledgeable about and must abide by. We encourage all staff to work as a team to be creative, enthusiastic, nurturing, and imaginative to all children.

Our Philosophy

Early childhood is a particularly significant period in human development, Independence, initiative, decision making, creativity, the ability to learn, the ability to relate to others and feelings of self- worth all have their beginnings in early childhood. Young children benefit from programs that help them explore the world around them and guide them through the transitions to a more formal learning environment (Early Childhood Services Policy-Alberta Learning).

A safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the child is the main philosophy of the National Association of Young Children. We believe that young children’s developmental needs are best addressed when there is an appropriate program is placed. Since young children have individual physical, emotional, social and creative needs which are interacted. We believe that our program will address all dimensions of the development of these needs.

We believe that all children should be cared for in an environment where they are accepted and respected in order to develop a positive self-esteem. We believe our program proves that first hand experiences utilizing a variety of materials, and loving and caring people, prepare them for later abstract learning.

We believe that play encourages the development of young children. It is their way of coping with life as they view it. It is an important natural process of learning and provides endless opportunities for children to develop and learn new skills, and to use and challenge their imagination, all in a risk free environment.

Through positive guidance and play we will direct the children toward:

  • Developing positive human relationships
  • Love and respect for others
  • Awareness of health and safety
  • Positive self esteem

Calgary Childcare provides hands-on experiential learning for children in a safe, affordable environment staffed by qualified professionals. Our teachers take their responsibility for the safety, well-being and learning of each child very seriously. We fully support inclusion of children with diverse abilities because we recognize the equal value of every child in our program.

One of our major priorities is the development of creative and social skills through a wide variety of materials for sensory play. Children in our care are always treated with respect and dignity. It is our goal to make them feel safe and secure and to provide opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers.

Your child’s physical, cognitive, creative, social and emotional needs are attended to by a staff that is professionally trained in all areas of child development. Our focus involves encouraging your child to learn through play. The role of the teacher as facilitator is to recognize and encourage the child’s interests and intellectual curiosity, while at the same time providing security, stimulation, support, limits, and affection.

We appreciate and encourage parents' involvement as they are an important part of our program.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve the community with high-quality, professional childcare. We offer a variety of developmentally appropriate activities such as:

  • A mix of indoor and outdoor activities
  • An opportunity to enjoy quiet activities
  • Individual and group learning environments

Calgary Childcare Centre recognizes the importance of mutual respect, trust and understanding among children, staff and parents.